Leora Freedman, Award winning Writer

Parachuting by Leora Freedman is a raw and complex coming of age story about figuring out who we are
and what we expect of ourselves.  See young people exploring their sexual orientation,
defying and accepting their Jewish destiny.

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Parachuting, set in a small New England town in 1973, is an idiosyncratic coming-of-age story as well as an exploration of sexual orientation among teenagers.  Zoe, a sixteen-year-old, is struggling to define herself while her best friend Naomi, who is on a trajectory of drugs and sex with the wrong people, threatens to commit suicide. Zoe is intensely attached to Rivka, a young woman, the girls' teacher, who challenges Zoe to make worthwhile choices in the process of defining herself as a young woman. Parachuting is a crossover novel, of interest to both adults and teens. 

Parachuting, Novel by Leora Freedman

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Parachuting attempts to lay out with precision the many aspects of a young person’s developing self-image without attempting to make the characters conform to any particular set of expectations.  My literary goal is to articulate an appreciation of the complexity of adolescence and the fine lines demarcating the momentous decisions that determine an individual’s future.

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